Rooted in our community.

Located in Smithers BC since 1997, we’re famous for our cherry tomato baskets, wide selection of bedding plants and hardy fruit trees.

George on the Manaslu Trek in Nepal in 2018. This photo was taken at the highest point, Larkya La pass, 5106m above sea-level.

Alpine Plant World is owned and operated by George Horlings. George has an M.Sc. in Agriculture from the University of Guelph. His passion for helping people grow nutritious food efficiently lead him to work in international development in Bangladesh and Mozambique for several years before returning to his hometown, Smithers B.C.

When he’s not discussing soil supplementation and watering petunias, George can be found hiking, kayaking, or driving to Terrace to visit his grandchildren. George and his wife, Nancy together garden a growing assortment of fruit trees and veggies on the original Horlings family farm near Lake Kathlyn. 

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